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    Wake-Up Your Make-Up   

Your DNA awaits your call!
It’s time for you to “Wake Up” to all that you are.

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Spirited Free Movement Boosts Healthy DNA Expression!
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Moving your body sends a clear message to your DNA. Spirited Movement energizes, supports blood flow, aids muscle growth and improves your mood. And, if that isn’t enough to get you moving your body it has now been discovered that exercise or as I like to call it Spirited Free Movement actually changes your DNA!

"Exercise is medicine, and it seems the means to alter our epigenomes for better health may be only a jog away" ~ Juleen Zierath PhD

Spirited Movement of your body has been found to reverse a temporary chemical change called methylation, where a particular chemical compound attaches to the outer part of the DNA strand. DNA contains the genetic “code” that the body uses to produce proteins, and methylation alters the rate at which proteins can be produced by the methylated genes. READ MORE:

6 Silly Ways to Incorporate Spirited Free Movement into Your Life:


Programming Your DNA!
dna, dna activation, dna awakening, dna programming

A multitude of studies have been done and science has concluded that DNA copies itself and in doing so controls proteins and these proteins manifest as our bodies. Our DNA is housed inside our cells and each cell holds within it the ability of every other cell whether manifesting as bone, skin, eye or any other of the thousands of cells that come together to create the human body.

So how are these individual cells deciding how to direct our DNA to manifest? If it is not the DNA that controls our cells what does? Where is the ‘brain’ of the cell and how does it direct its DNA?

Biology has recently discovered that it is the skin or the membrane of the cell that acts as the coordinator or ‘brain’ of the cell.

For 4 Perceptions that will change your world:


Kinesiology -
Ask your DNA and it will answer!

dna, dna activation, dna awakening, kinesiology

Your body has the innate ability to heal itself, muscle testing is the tool used to give you feedback directly from your inner source, from your DNA!

We have encouraged you to communicate with your DNA, to activate your body’s ability to regenerate itself and to tap into your divinity, broadening your understanding of yourself, the world and even the universe. Your DNA is listening! Now we would like to shed some light on a way your DNA talks to you. A way you can listen to your body’s guidance in an easily understandable, physical way.      READ MORE:


Announcing the Newly Released:
"DNA Wake Up"
A Simple Guide to DNA Activation

by Elizabeth J Clark

Liz Clark, DNA, DNA activation, dna awakening, dna wake, Elizabeth J Clark

Released in Paperback & Kindle on Amazon

dna, dna activation, dna wake up, dna awakening, Elizabeth J Clark, Liz Clark" title="dna, dna activation, dna wake up, dna awakening, Elizabeth J Clark, Liz Clark

Released in Paperback & Kindle on Amazon

From the Back Cover:

When The Human Genome Project set out to map and identify the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, it determined that 97% of the human genome does not encode protein sequences. This 97%—considered ‘Junk DNA’—has no known function.

What really lies in the 97% that scientists call “JUNK DNA”?

Your DNA tells an amazing story—the story of Life itself! For the past four billion years or so, since the beginning of time, DNA has been the chemical of life. Everything that has ever lived, or now lives on the planet, has DNA—just as you do. Your DNA is the ‘map’ specific to you and only you! It’s what created you in the very first place and it’s what defines and identifies you as a unique individual. Now you might think this all sounds pretty ‘scientific’ but this is NOT a science book. This is a book about possibility.

Can you change your DNA?

Yes you can! You can wake up your makeup and guide your DNA as simply as putting your intention into it. It is time to understand this inner truth, the truth of Human DNA and its mysterious abilities. All you need do is tune in, communicate and allow your DNA to do what it has been designed to do. The key is awakening to your Metaphysical DNA, the doing of which could change EVERYTHING in your physical life!

Is it really that Simple?

DNA Wake Up is a simple guide that will lead you through all twelve layers of metaphysical DNA. Accompanied by exercises to awaken you to each of these twelve layers, activating your Divine Natural Alignment, you will notice a difference within yourself and you will begin to understand that we are all much more than mere flesh and blood.

Open yourself up to all that you are, for YOUR DNA stands ready to assist in your personal self-discovery.


Wake Up Your DNA Make Up

dna, dna activation, dna awakening, dna wake up, dna strand 

Yes you can change your DNA.

How can we change our genes?

Aren't they what we were given when we came into this world? Don't we have a little bit of mom & dad mixed with grans & gramps? You mean I may not be predisposed to this rare genetic condition?


Can we really change our core composition?

We believe so.

The secret is in our DNA!

Through self awareness we can Wake-Up the 12 layers of our DNA Make-Up.


Spirituality is an innate calling from within your DNA. It is a part of our esoteric journey to self-awareness and the secret lies within. The secret is no longer reserved for esoteric mystics and metaphysical philosophers. In this new age spirituality belongs to us all. Once your quest for spiritual self-awareness begins the Law of Attraction will come to your aid. The Law of Attraction is described simply as 'like attracts like' which has been expanded on in detail in the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Your path of self-awareness will unfold before your very eyes, aligning your divinity with personal healing and a metaphysical understanding, which until activation lies dormant within your DNA.

"...the Law of Attraction....will bring to you all you can joyously be, do or have."


In this new age of spiritualism, science will begin to reveal many mysteries which unlock the secret to our DNA and DNA activation. With the help of Kryon through Lee Carroll we have begun an exploration of our ‘junk DNA’. It remains to be seen where this journey will take us. "Within expanded thought lies expanded insights."

Together we can explore the endless possibilities and find the truth within ourselves while stepping into all that we truly are. Remember, spirituality in this new age is yours to claim. It is your divine right and your innate calling!

   dna, dna activation, dna awakening, dna wake up, dna strand
Dan, Dash & Daphne
The DNAwakeup Gang...

These three have come out to play and to be a part of DNAwakeup.com
They can be seen scattering joy throughout our pages as a reminder to us all that the secret to this DNA activation and DNA awakening is one
of laughter and playfulness.

Invite Dan, Dash & Daphne to celebrate your DNA!

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Tags: DNA Activation, DNA Awakening, DNA, DNA Wake Up, DNA strand, DNA layers, 12 layers, DNA Activate, DNA Activation, Kryon, Twelve Layers of DNA,
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dna, dna activation, dna awakening, dna wake up, dna strand
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