Wake-Up Your Make-Up   

  LOVE is in Your DNA

The field of creation moves towards love and it is your intuitive nature to make choices that generate LOVE!

Your relationship with DNA is much more intimate and personal than you can imagine and as you allow yourself to feel love, your DNA responds, by aligning with your natural state and you become healthier and happier as your vibration increases.

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Love in its purest form presents itself in many ways, kindness, compassion, non-judgment, affection, acceptance, forgiveness, just to name a few. All positive feelings that are not only felt for another but can be felt for the self. We all strive to love others but, first and foremost you should strive to love yourself, for love is an inward vibration, expressed outwards from within. You can resist self-love but offering this gift to yourself allows you to love others more completely.

Love triggers growth within your DNA. Your DNA has receptors designed to be completely aligned with Love. The more variations of Love it receives, the more it grows, the more your DNA is made whole, healthy, present and available. Let your ability to generate love for others inspire and teach you how to love YOURSELF!

What is important to understand is that your DNA is positively affected by pure love of the Self. You cannot take anyone else’s love and make it your own. Your DNA gets excited when you feel deep inner love! It starts to vibrate more rapidly and this vibration is also your field of attraction. You become fully present when aligned to the desire within your heart. 

What matters most, when awakening your DNA is the love of self. Our human DNA amplifies every thought, every action and every desire into creation. We are not only affecting our own lives from this merger, but all of creation, for we are all one!


dna, dna wake up, dna activation, dna awakening

Consciously choose to embrace, embody, and emanate unconditional love, this will not only allow your body to be free from disease but it will allow you to live in peace and harmony within yourselves and with others.

Biophysicist, Dr. Glen Rein, found in his study "EFFECT OF CONSCIOUS INTENTION ON HUMAN DNA" ~ that when people feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, depression and anxiety, DNA becomes constricted and tangled. However, when people feel loving thoughts such as gratitude, and compassion, the DNA would unwind allowing the messenger (RNA) to access its codes and provide natural healing for the body.

           "It is therefore possible that only healers capable of generating ECG (Electrocardiogram) coherence, or at least generating genuine unconditional love, will be able to resonate with the DNA molecule and intentionally and specifically modulate its structure. This hypothesis is supported by an experiment with one healer who was able to do “mental healing” as well as heart-based healing. In one experiment comparing these different states of intention it was observed that only the heart-based intention was effective at altering the conformation of DNA." -Dr. Glen Rein

As you consciously choose to feel loving emotions in each moment, you are actually facilitating your body's natural healing process.

What you feel with a LOVING heart, energizes the earth

LOVE gives life its meaning and calls forward your true worth

 Focus on the LOVE you feel, let LOVE be your intention

Together we grow strong in LOVE, celebrate this connection

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Mike Atkinson, and Dana Tomasino, B.A, published a report entitled MODULATION OF DNA CONFORMATION BY HEART-FOCUSED INTENTION

In this study the theory of Heart Intelligence predicts that individuals who are able to maintain states of heart coherence have increased coupling to the higher dimensional structures and were able to produce changes in the DNA!

On YouTube - Abraham Hicks - Tune in to Love

* * *

Do what you love,
love what you do,
love others,
love yourself,
let it be your intention to give love and receive love,
in all ways!

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

~ Sending you lots of love from the DNAWakeup team

* * *

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