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Creating Positive Intentions!

by Liz Clark


Intentions are defined as your specific motivating purpose in performing an action; a process of creating mentally your action or result. Clarifying your purpose or attitude towards the effect of your actions and behaviors, intentions assist you in pre-paving the journey to your desires. Intentions are one of the most powerful tools in creation!

Both positive and negative intentions can play a roll in your life. For example, worry is an intention statement that doesn’t serve you well.

I’m certain that you will agree, when utilizing your power of intent, it is your intention to focus on the positive kind! The life affirming power that lies within you is capable of both positive and negative intentions; however, you will be embracing the positive and releasing the negative, on your journey towards activating your highest potentials.

    “Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. When you are aware of this, you can live your life deliberately”

                                                                         ...Neale Donald Walsch

Creating positive intentions is a powerful tool. Consciously or unconsciously your intentions are always in play, effecting your decisions and behaviors daily. Drawing on this energy in directing your path is as simple as putting your mind to it. Positive Intentions help you visualize and create not only better days but can assist in creating a better life and even a better world.

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The power of the mind when utilizing positive intentions is phenomenal! When you think intentionally you attract the power of the Universe, bringing your intentions to the attention of Spirit. Your thoughts and desires, the light and idea behind all your actions, have the ability to shift your minds beliefs to the possibilities of positive outcomes, allowing growth and learning from events. When you use visualization to focus your positive intent the attraction you create becomes evident, allowing you to see clearly what it is you desire, illuminating the pathways to that desire.

* * *

Tap into the positive power of your intentions.

Become part of the quantum energy of God by joining in this positive flow.

Intention is the most powerful form of prayer for it connects to the feeling purpose of your goal. Energetically each pulse of intention is an electrical spark, a powerful current, a signal or message broadcasting from you, outwardly to the Universe, to God!

* * *

Your intentions identify your direction in life and provide criteria for the choices that you make, an energizing force, moving you forward, towards the results you want to achieve. However, it is important to know while you hold your positive intentions strong, your individual goals may change, but the final destination will not. Keeping faith and confidence in your basic or core intention will help you notice and appreciate what is going well around you. The people, opportunities and best environments that support your intentions will become activated. Examples of core intentions are — creating and receiving Love, Happiness, Joy and Wellbeing. You may not be sure how ‘what you are looking for’ will present itself but you will feel it. Expect your desires to show up in ways more imaginative than you have envisioned. Set the course or direction of your life by setting powerful intentions to live by, no matter how exhausted you are after an upsetting or troubling day. Ask yourself ‘what is my intention?’ will cause you to act consciously. What purposes are motivating you? What are you hoping to achieve? Do these line up with your intentions?

Hold DNA activation, DNA awakening, DNA activateyour intentions clear and steady; the timing will be Divine. A seed grows when it is ready, it cannot be forced or rushed. You do your part by holding the vibration of intent and growth will manifest itself upon completion of its incubation. Trust that the intention seed you have planted is there in the ground incubating until the time is right. Photo: Mullica/Flikr

            “The watcher is awareness and intent is the mover... Energy is the thing moved. When intent and awareness are focused together, manifestation occurs via the energy that is moved.”

                                                ...Matthew Webb, Essence of Consciousness


  1. Cultivate your inner peace in which to plant your seeds of intention.
  2. Believe in the field of all possibilities allowing your intentions to incubate.
  3. Focus on restful awareness, no need to hurry or rush — they will sprout.
  4. Let go of expectations, allowing natural growth.
  5. Trust in your process, you can’t force an outcome.

* * *


Defining your dreams and expressing your desire can be a powerful way of affirming your intent.

Use this process to help affirm your intent.


* * *

A great Intention guided meditation can be found HERE at The Chopra Centre.

* * *

Inspirational reading and audio on Positive Intentions:

The Secrets of Power of Intention, Dr Wayne Dyer

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life & the World, Lynne McTaggart

 Positively Mindful, The Positive Psychology Workbooks Series, Donald Altman

Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Positive Psychology: The Seven Foundations of Well-Being, Todd B. Kashdan

The Mindful Attraction Plan: Your Practical Roadmap to Creating the Life, Love and Success You Want, Athol Kay

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